Manati ASF was set up to provide innovative solutions for a vast majority of youth or prospective university and college students that wish to study at higher education institutions across South Africa, but are unable to do so because they cannot afford it or cannot secure financing.

Manati Alternate Student Funding’s vision is to catapult prospective students with high potential into ultra-employable members of the workforce.

We do this by providing individually-assessed loans based on a student’s past performance and future employment probabilities. We then seek for them integration in fitting workplaces and try to help shape them into future mentors who will add strength to the generation after them.


  • Universities and colleges identify students that qualify to study but are unable to fund their studies

  • Prospective student lists are provided to Manati ASF

  • Manati ASF provides the student loans

  • Institutions engage with Manati ASF through quarterly reports